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Meredith Rose, Founder & Writer/Director

Meredith believes that story comes first, period. In addition to being a director, she is also an award-winning screenwriter, humanist, ex-rocket scientist, and amateur DJ. She is currently writing, directing & producing music videos and web videos, while gearing up to direct a feature (her first). Meredith is Mother Earth's biggest fan and strives to make all her projects carbon neutral.

Tom Heys, Writer/Producer/Composer

Tom writes all the time. Then teaches people to write. Then writes more. With several feature scripts under his belt and two currently in the works, he hardly has time to watch soccer and drink beer like a good American, but he makes it work. Thomas grew up just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee where he was a competitive rock climber. (He currently has no scripts about rock climbing, but is willing to negotiate on the remake of Cliffhanger.)

The Chili Johnson, Web/Graphics Guru & Intern Extraordinaire

Chili takes photos, shoots videos, edits videos, designs websites, writes code, creates 3-D animations, dominates in AfterEffects, speaks Chinese, and has an awesome head of hair. Chili also just got his learner's permit.

Ryan Mintz, Green Consultant

Ryan can tell you where to recycle pen caps, hub caps and bottle rockets. He's not preachy about it, but he is writing a book. He plans to green all the entertainment industries. (Thanks, Ryan.)