Cinequest Film Festival; 2013 Finalist Accidentes
Creative World Awards; 2013 Semi-finalist Accidentes
Acclaim Film & TV 2007 First Runner Up COMBAT: Pilot Episode
Woods Hole Film Festival 2007 Second Runner Up Unbroken Fall
2006 American Gem Short Screenplay Competition Finalist: Top Ten Unbroken Fall
Manhattan Short Festival Finalist: Top Five Unbroken Fall

feature length screenplays

The Recovery Artists Action w Thomas Heys
Feeding Christine (based on the
novel by Barbara Chepaitis)
Drama/Comedy w Meredith Rose
Accidentes Action/Drama w Thomas Heys
The Golden Rule Action w Meredith Rose & Thomas Heys
Mathilda Action/Comedy w Meredith Rose
The Molly Pitchers Historical Drama w Meredith Rose
Hatfield Historical Drama w Thomas Heys
Infamy Action/Comedy w Thomas Heys


Combat: Pilot Episode War Drama/Comedy Meredith Rose

produced short screenplays

Encanto Road Dark Comedy w/d Meredith Rose
The Golden Rule* Thriller w Thomas Heys,
d Meredith Rose
Passing Judgments** Drama/Romance w Meredith Rose
Happy Birthday Comedy/Experimental w/d Meredith Rose


Rosetta, Inc. / “Indiana Jones” Produced w/d Meredith Rose
Soy Dream Ice Cream / “Loneliness” Spec w Meredith Rose
Simple Insurance / “Kids Are Clever” Spec w Meredith Rose

music videos

Kristi Kates / “White Noise” Produced w/d Meredith Rose
The Kills / “Passion Is Accurate” Produced1 w/d Meredith Rose
Jon Chi / “Careful” In Production w/d Meredith Rose
Kevin Garrett / “On Your Side” In Production w/d Meredith Rose
Ed Harcourt / “Atlantic City” Spec w Meredith Rose

*The Golden Rule was produced as a short film and was nominated for 4 awards, with 2 wins at festivals in 2010
**Passing Judgments was produced in 2007 and reviewed in Budget Filmmaker Magazine (Thumbs Up)
1Produced for Radar Music Video festival